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Broken Glass Bangles Can Make Beautiful Door Adornments

Glass bangles look beautiful on a girl’s wrists. Unfortunately, being glass, they do not last forever. They tend to snap at the slightest impact. So, what do you do with the broken pieces ? Instead of dropping them in the dustbin, here is how you can use them creatively.

It might be difficult for you get so many broken pieces. If you do not have sufficient broken bangles, there are two solutions. Firstly, dig out old bangles which are faded or which do not fit anymore. Break them into half. The other option is to visit a bangle store in your city. Since they have no use for broken bangles, they will sell kilos of broken pieces for very little costs. 


What you need

Lots of colorful broken bangles (preferably those which are broken in half so that you have a nice semi circle)


Thin wire

Gum tape of a bright color

Colorful bead with large holes


How to make

The process is really simple. All you need is a bit of patience.


Light the candle. Hold the ends of the broken bangle and put the center point of the piece over the candle flame. The bangle should be horizontal to the ground. Do not insert the bangle into the fire because it will snap. Hold it on top of the flame so that just the tip of the fire heats the center of the bangle. As the bangle continues to get hot, it becomes more and more malleable. Very gently, bring the two broken ends of the bangle piece together such that there is no gap between them. Your broken bangle piece is now in the shape of a rugby ball (a pointed oval) as given below.

broken bangle

Initial shape of the broken bangle

indian bangle

Hold tip of the candle flame here

indian bangle

Final shape of the bangle


The center of the bangle, which is held over the flame, will be very slightly rounded. The open ends will just come together and will not get stuck to each other.

Take another piece of broken bangle. Pass it through the first piece, which is now in the oval shape. Heat it just like you heated the first piece. When the two ends join, the first and second pieces form a link since they pass through one another. Take a third piece of broken bangle, pass it through any one of the previous pieces and heat it similarly to form a third link. Make link chains of different lengths. For example, make 6 piece links, 5 piece links, 4 piece links and 3 piece links. Make several such sets.


Take a wire of medium thickness. Measure the width of your door. Cut the wire according to it. Note that the total length of the wire should be more than the width of the door because you need some length to make a loop for hanging. Take the gum tape, hold the end of the gum tape at the wire’s end and begin wrapping the wire with it. Cover the entire wire with the tape.

You can now begin making your door thoran. Insert two beads into the wire. Then insert your 6 link piece. Put in two more beads and follow up with the 5 piece link. Continue in this manner, alternating two beads and a bangle link chain. Once you reach the 3 piece link, start increasing the lengths. When you are at the 6 piece link again, start decreasing until the 3 piece link. Do this for the entire door width.

What you have is a beautiful thoran for your door. Twist the ends of the wire into a loop. Drive two nails at both ends of your door frame and hang your thoran.


Be careful about:

  • Do not force the bangle to bend when you heat it. As it heats, you can feel it becoming naturally malleable. Follow its natural flexibility.
  • When you heat the second piece, make sure that the candle flame does not touch the first one.

Creative tips

  • In between the beads, you can insert other things as well. In keeping with the theme of the craft, you can insert some glittery whole bangles for a nice effect.
  • Instead of making a thoran, you can make a long link chain and hang it vertically at the ends of doors or windows. Use colorful bangles for better effect. Embellish the chain with ribbons, flowers and anything that takes your fancy.
  •  Instead of linking the bangle pieces, make detached ones. Since the pieces look like flower petals, you can paste the pieces in different flower formations on a cardboard and make a wall piece. Use small green broken bangles for stem of your plant. You can also make many interesting abstract shapes.
  • Not all bangles break exactly in half. Not a problem. You can still make similar shapes. Just the sizes of petals vary.
  • Take a cardboard. Paste individual petal shaped pieces all along its circumference such that half of each petal is outside the cardboard. After you complete one full round, paste the second round on top of it. Make the diameter of the second round smaller than the first one. Continue making such rounds and keep decreasing the round diameters. Continue until you have just a 5 petal round at the top. You have a nice tapered flower vase. Use a glass adhesive for pasting the glass pieces.

Let your imagination soar. There are lots of things you can make with your glass bangle petals. 

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