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Traditional Fashion for Indian Men - Make a Statement in the Indian Style

Indian traditional costumes are extremely versatile and rife with grandeur, irrespective of gender. Indian men have a great choice of traditional wear, although they are not seen flaunting their Indian costumes as much as their fairer counterparts do. Jeans and casual tees seem to have completely overshadowed traditional wear. Ironically, as traditional men’s wear and accessories are losing acceptance among Indians, they are growing in popularity on the international arena. Nevertheless, with the festival season all set to begin, the time is right for men to infuse some Indianness into their dressing style. If you just cannot let those comfy jeans go, why don’t you try fusion? Here are some top styles for men this season.


Authentic Indian 

Nothing beats the comfort and the traditional appeal of a kurta. This loose comfortable fabric is available in so many patterns and fabrics that you can find one for every occasion. For casual wear, a cotton kurta with simple Chikankari work looks best. Khadi works great as well. For the hot Indian climate, Khadi is in fact a very healthy choice. You can choose something in the button down pattern for casual wear and for grander occasions, you can go in for cross breasted kurta or something more detailed. The bottoms are salwar or chudidar pajamas.

For traditional occasions, you can experiment with silk kurtas with typical Kashmiri embroidery, kutch work, zardosi work or even kundan work. While these kurtas are intricate and delicate, they also have a masculine character which retains your macho image and yet, makes you look so very endearing, which is something that Indian women just cannot resist. For weddings, team up a rich silk kurta with a silk dhoti and you can give the groom a run for his money.

Another hot favorite in traditional men’s fashion is the Sherwani. While kurta-pajama is the Indian version of casual wear, the Sherwani is the formal wear version. Known as the dress of royalty, Sherwani enjoys the pride of place in Indian men’s fashion scene. They imply grandeur and meant for special occasions. 

The beauty of Indian traditional clothes for men is that they are not gender specific in terms of color and design. Indian men look as dashing and masculine in a pink or red kurta or sherwani with polka dots as they do in the stereotypical blacks or browns, plain, checkered or striped clothes which are usually dubbed to be macho.

Fusion Tees

The perfect fusion

If you are addicted to tees, why don’t you pick some with Indian prints and patterns for the perfect fusion? Hand painted tees done in Indian ethnic designs are very fashionable these days. Try out some tees with Warli painting. How about one painted with typical Indian scenery? Tees with images of Ganapathi, Buddha and the classic Om are also good choices. If you want something more subtle, choose tees with lightly embroidered pockets, collars and buttonholes. You can find lots of western costumes which are infused with Indian elements these days. Get some of these and establish your identity.

The great thing about kurtas is that you don’t have to pair them up with traditional pajamas, if you are not comfortable in them. Pull on your jeans and you still look every bit as Indian and very stylish. Kurtas are available in different lengths as well. So, have your pick for the perfect fusion. But then, you have to give credit to your denims as well. Much as kurta is versatile, so are the denims. They look as good with an Indian top as they do with a typically western tee. 

You can bring more fusion with accessories. Read on below. 


Every Indian man must have a pair of Kolhapuri chappals. They are elegant, light, versatile enough to be worn with traditional wear as well as denims, extremely airy and breathable and durable. These chappals are handcrafted and reek of Indianness. While simple unembellished Kolhapuris are available for casual wear, you can get a pair with zari borders or gotas for more traditional occasions. Westerners are already big on Kolahpuris. This footwear, from the small town of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, has reached international stores. Talking of footwear, you cannot miss out Jodhpuri chappals. They are grander than Kolhapuri but look good when teamed with kurta and denim combination.

Another way is to team up your tee with a men’s stole having Indian prints. Wear it casually round your neck and make a powerful fusion style statement.

The range of Indian men’s fashion is stunning. Take some time to explore and enjoy in the revelry.

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